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Day 2 : Berlin - Weißenfels (Near Leipsig)


On the last day, the PZ arrived at our friend's house with mechanical problems. After waking up at 10 am, the first task of the day was trying to solve the problem.

We saw some bubbles inside of the gas pipe, so our first thought was that the gasoline pump was with a leakage. So we tested the pump, but it seemed to be working well, the gas was reaching the carburettor.

We started to sweat... Mechanical problems are easy to solve... But electrical problems... :/

We had with us ignition cables(connection cable between the spark and the induction coil) so we changed them... But the problem didn't disappear...

After that Tiago went to gas station to see if they had some tool to take out the sparks. The mechanic of the gas station was very kind with us and said that we could bring the car to there and use his tools( We tried to talk with him with gestures mixed with english :) The language is very big problem but with goodwill and a smile you can comunicate with everyone )

At the gas station we changed the sparks and.... And the car still didn't work... We thought OMG we are going to end the trip 300km after the begining!!!!! We have more 2700km to travell and the car don't work... Our hope was disapearing while the time was passing...

Without any solution for the problem we asked the mechanic if he could help us... The guy was great and started to check the car :) After a few minutes he checked one electrical cable that connects to the carburattor and he noticed the cable was unplugged :P He conected and..... THE ENGINE STARTED TO WORK WELL!!!!!!! YUPIIIIII!!!!!!

Our hearts were refilled with hope and happiness!!!!!!! If you saw our faces when the car started to work well... We were the happiest people in the world :))))))

After solving the PZ problem we decided to ask the mechanic to check the PWR gear box oil level. We broght PWR and when we started to lift it on the elevator, one of the main beams of in the front of the car started to crack...It was to rusty... The decision was to continue to lift the car, because we were worried with the conditions of the gear box.

The guy tried to check the level but the nut is at a dificult place to take and he didn't have the tool to do it... The mechanics friend said to us: Put gas in the car, pray and continue your travell! Just put gas and pray... Pray! You are young and you have time! You are going to reach Portugal :))) We payed the mechanic 5 euros and 2 cold beers(one for him and one for his friend) :P

We said goodbye to them with a big smile on our face and we went to our friend's place to pack our things to continue our trip.

You can see the gas station on google maps : LINK

Unfortunately we don't have photos of this big adventure because how you can imagine, we were only interested in fixing the car :)

Because of these mechanical problems we only departed from berlin at 3 pm and during this day we only travelled 200km. Nevertheless, we didn't regret the decision of making the trip because we passed on very beautiful places. You can see some photos here and the others in our picasa.

In the evening we realized that we wouldn't reach Tubingen, so we decided to sleep in one camping in Weißenfels (Near Leipsig). We didn't have any information about the camping, but we chose a perfect one with a big lake inside :)))) We were lucky :)

After the long day of problems and travelling we had a big relaxing moment in the lake :) The water was really warm :)

Thanks !!!!!

We started this trip without talking about 3 important persons to us and to maluch trip. Without them the dream of making the trip wouldn't come true. They are Karol, Ania(aka "Siebers") and Ania(ESN ) :P

Karol was Bessa's room mate and since the beginning we didn't like him :P . We are joking... :P He was the guy that most helped us in Poznan, everything we needed we just asked Prezi(Karol is known by the DS6 President :P).

Karol helped us searching and buying the cars ( He woke up at 7am on sunday, 2 times :P ).

He made a lot of posts on Maluch foruns telling about the trip we wanted to do, and asking for help (one of the posts had 12 000 page views only in 3 days!!) He also made a list of parts we should buy and a list of places where we could buy them.

You must know that Karol didnt know anything about Maluch or shops, he searched and asked everything! :) He is really a good FRIEND :)

Ania aka Siebers :P

Ania was always saying: YOU are CRAZY!!!! YOU're NOT GOING to SURVIVE!!! By MALUCH!!! Ohhh NOOOO!!! You're NOT going....

Well, but Ania always helped us :) She was the responsible for me, Toco, Bessa and Karol waking up at 7 am on a Sunday, for nothing :) There wasn't any Maluch at the second-hand car market !!!! The guys said the car was to old to be there ... :P

Ania was our "official polish translator"(LOLLLL) on our last day in Poznan, when we bought the spare parts for Maluch. She didnt know anything about car parts, especially the names(AWF Girl :P ) and the guys from the shop( Moto Hurt - A special hug to them :) They were fantastic with a lot of goodwill! ) didn't speak english.

aka ESN Ania :P

Ania was the first person to search for me and Tiago the Maluch :) She always said : It's up to you to decide about the trip, but you're not going to reach Portugal... :P

She showed us the Polish Ebay -> :) (Polish people have their own Msn messenger ->Gadu Gadu and Facebook ->Nasza klasa . They are strange :P ) We can say that she was responsible by the growth of the maluch trip idea.

For you three, a gigantic thank you!
See you again in Poznan or Portugal !!!!!!!!!

sexta-feira, 31 de julho de 2009

We are in Portugal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We finally reached Portugal!!!!!!!!!!


750km travelled in 18h!!!!!

3800 km in 10 days!!!!!! By MALUCH!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone that believed and helped us!!!!! Soon we will add all the photos to our picasa!!!!! And of course also the article about our days!!!!

We are alive and moving!!!!! -3

We arrived in Barcelona!!!!
450 km travelled in 13h


We arrived in Soria, Spain!
400km travelled in 11h.

segunda-feira, 27 de julho de 2009

We are alive and moving!!!!! -2

25/07 4.30 am

We arrived in Samoens, France!!!

500km travelled, 15h of travel

26/07 9.30 pm

We arrived in Valence, France!

290km travelled, 12h of travel

The Black day in maluch trip!!! 4 hours stopped to fix one of the cars and one walkie talkie crashed!!!!!

27/07 9:30 pm

We arrived in Monteplier, France

300km travelled, 8h of travel

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Photos and Videos

You can see in our Picasa website all the photos and videos of the trip!


Day 1 : Poznan-Berlin

The departure

The trip ran well :) We had some mechanical problems in the PZ when we crossed the polish border(we think it didn't like going to german land :P ).We entered on Berlin at 11pm but we were lost for almost 1,5 hours...So, we only arrived in our friend's house at 00:30. I'm sorry Malte and Laura!!!

German Border!!!!

LOL We had funny moments in Berlin trying to find the way to our friends house. Before starting the trip we made all the routes with viamichelin website. We don't know what happened with the website, but it gave us the wrong directions!!! (ARRRGHHHH!!!!) First we went to the Tierpark instead of Tiergarten. The names are similar but the 2 places are in 2 opposite corners of the city!!!!! After asking 2 or 3 persons(and not having a good answer...) we decided to look to the tram maps and try to see the best way to reach tiergarten.

After we almost passed through Brandenburg Gate with the 2 maluch :) ! We noticed we couldn't pass there :P (It would be funny making a video with the 2 maluch there :P)

But all of this travel inside of berlin was made with the PZ engine completely unstable, every time we braked the car it stopped... Near the B. Gate, the car stopped to work without the carburator air fully opened!!!

Cristiana talking with the walkie-talkie

PS: Later we will put photos in our picasa! :) Excuse us, but the time is not enought for everything... :)